Here I am adding a few finishing touches. After two and a half months, the Factory Mandala is ready to be installed.
Originally this painting was meant to be inset into a  floor.  I designed it to have a rug like pattern. Each of the elements are representative of  the wonderful fixtures in this hundred year old building at 2 Canton Street, Stoughton. MA.

The center is the beginning. It shows the old cast iron flywheels that  turned leather belt driven pulleys.
Ever progressing , the golden fire brick tower is bejeweled in a cellular crown while old factory   windows are transformed  into icons of operating systems and new means of data storage.
The theme is transformation. Within the foundations built by caring craftsmen there is an unfurling future and who knows how far we can go? Perhaps to the stars.

From this technology we moved to the illumination and inventiveness of the Industrial Revolution towards a trajectory of electronics and circuit boards.